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PETCHAMP Is Your Pet Registration Data Base

Posted by PETCHAMP on September 12, 2017

It’s amazing how many of us have dogs and cats.  Even more so amazing is the amount we spend on them each year, including the cost of pet registration.  An American Pet Products Association survey indicates there are 47.1 million American households with cats.  Dogs are owned in more than 60-million households.  All told, some 68 percent of U.S. households own pets, which translates into 84.6 million homes. 

Americans Spend Allot of $$ on their Pets

As responsible pet owners, we don’t mind shelling out for the health, safety, comfort and pampering of our furry friends.  A 2016 CBS News survey concluded that pet owners spent 55.7-billion (yes, that’s billion with a “B”) on pets last year.  The bulk of that figure was for food, grooming and health related costs.  Included in that number is a 6.1 percent increase in related pet services such as registration.  And with growing numbers of counties and empowered governments now requiring animal registration as a part of licensing, it’s a clear indication that trend will continue.

Is Your Registration “All Inclusive?”

It stands to reason that savvy pet owners and empowered local governments seek out the most comprehensive and inclusive pet registration service available.  That’s where PETCHAMP comes in.  When pet owners and animal services departments visit our web page they will quickly discover our registration database is all-inclusive and goes above and beyond basic services.  Unlike some breed or specific pet purpose registration sites, there’s room for everybody under the PETCHAMP tent.  We don’t limit registration to just purebreds, or certified service animals, emotional support animals, etc.

Most basic registry services include only the pet’s license and rabies certification. 

Going Beyond The Basics

PETCHAMP’s inclusive database offers much more to communities and pet owners who partner with us, including:

  • Allowing pet owners to create a complete pet profile that includes the pet’s license and rabies certification numbers.
  • The ability to include a current photo of each pet which aids in the identification and reunification with owners should the pet become lost or go missing.
  • Room to include the name and contact information of the pet’s veterinarian.
  • Any special-care instructions such as medications, medical conditions or behavioral issues.
  • The pet’s microchip number if the pet is indeed chipped---and micro-chipping remains one of the three PETCHAMP foundations for safety and pet welfare:  Licensing-Microchipping-Pet Registration.
  • The ability to include in the pet profile any issues that may be of concern to animal services personnel such as previous incidents with the pet or pet owner.
  • Provides the capacity for pet owners to authorize the pet’s groomer, pet-sitter, kennels or boarding facilities access to this database of information about their respective pets if the owners choose to do so.
  • Easy online access to update pet and pet owner information such as change of address or other critical information as well as online annual renewal.

Partnering for our Pets

And PETCHAMP’s registration database and service doesn’t stop with those additional benefits.  In the counties we partner with, PETCHAMP pays it forward and gives back to our partners in pet safety and welfare by:

  • Offering a Pet Rewards Program where pet owners and their pets receive discounts and special offers from local businesses and national sponsors of both pet-related and non-pet related products, goods and services.
  • Promotes animal adoption seminars and events to bring together prospective pet owners and pets looking for their fur-ever homes.
  • Participates and supports public information campaigns benefitting pets, pet owners and their communities about current and relevant pet issues.
  • Supports local animal services departments and reputable pet rescue organizations in their efforts to keep pets healthy and safe.

National statistics from the American Humane Association indicate that licensed and registered pets found by good Samaritans or who turn up at shelters and rescue organizations, or are impounded by local animal services departments, are more than twice as likely to be successfully reunited with pet owners if they are indeed licensed and chipped.  The proof is in the pudding.  Communities and empowered governments are reaping the rewards of proactive pet registration in a number of ways.  Reduced incidence of euthanasia, relief of overcrowded animal shelter spaces, and more successful reunifications between lost pets and their owners are just a few examples.  And here’s the best example we can offer communities and pet owners of how PETCHAMP might just be the perfect pet registration service. Find out more with a visit to today.


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