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Indoor and Outdoor: Cat Licensing Is a Must

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While it might be fun and exciting to take a chance on a million-dollar lottery ticket, would you gamble on the safety and welfare of your pet cat? PETCHAMP offers some reasons why regardless of whether your feline is indoor or outdoor, cat licensing is a must.

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Getting A Pet License in Your Town Should Be Easy

Pet Licenses, animal licensing

Virtually every municipality or county in the United States has some type of pet licensing law or ordinance. Bringing your pet into compliance can be simple and relatively inexpensive. PETCHAMP outlines the three ways of how getting a pet license in your town should be easy.

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Animal Services Everywhere Can Benefit from Full Service Pet Licensing

animal licensing

Call it one-stop shopping that results in a win-win-win scenario for pets, pet owners, counties or empowered governments. PETCHAMP illustrates how animal services everywhere can benefit from full-service pet licensing.

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What You Haven’t Been Told About Pet Licensing

Pet Licenses

We have become an ever increasingly mobile society. Long gone are the days of individuals or families remaining in one location for a lifetime. And with more than 40 percent of American households being pet households, we tend to take our furry friends with us wherever we go. With mobility in mind, PETCHAMP provides a checklist about what you haven’t been told about pet licensing.

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What Some People Don’t Understand: The Purpose of Animal Licensing

animal licensing

In this day and age, you would be hard-pressed to find a municipality, county or state that does not have some type of animal licensing law in effect—particularly for dogs and more and more for cats as well—even indoor cats. There’s a purpose behind the requirement—actually several of them. PETCHAMP provides this overview of the purposes of animal licensing.

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